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What is an auditory processing disorder
Diagnosis of APD
Treatment of APD
Differentiating a language processing disorder (LPD) from an APD


The treatment of APD cannot be provided without a thorough, comprehensive and accurate assessment of the disorder. The treatment of any APD should aim to:

Improve access to auditory and verbal information.
Provide direct intervention for deficit areas.
Teach the individual how to maximize the use of auditory information.

We offer a range of treatment options that allow us to design an optimal intervention program. These include:

Deficit-specific, formal and informal auditory training
Frequency Modulated (FM) Systems
Computer-assisted therapy such as Fast ForWord and Earobics
Environmental modification
Training of compensatory skills
Language processing training
Speech and language therapy

Our intervention programs are an amalgamation of the work based on world leaders in APD including Gail Chermak, Jeanane Ferre, Gail Richards, Terri Bellis, Robert Keith and Frank Musiek.

There is no generalized treatment of APD; and each intervention program is tailored to meet the specific needs and types of disorder of the APD individual. Our treatment programs are arranged in intensive 10-week courses which require daily participation. The significant improvements that we have documented at our clinic can only be achieved through consistent, intensive exercises. This intervention program capitalizes on the neural plasticity of the brain which will allow us to effect changes to brain functioning provided that learning takes place consistently and intensively. A reassessment of APD is always made at the end of each 10-week period in order to establish the degree of improvement in listening skills. Close liaison is always kept with classroom teachers, speech-language pathologists, learning assistant teachers, tutors and other related professionals involved in the care of each individual. Classroom management strategies and listening tactics are provided for each individual to allow for maximum generalization into other environments.


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