Our philosophy is to maintain the highest standards of excellence and integrity in the provision of services to the communicatively-impaired population including those with hearing loss, tinnitus, hyperacusis or listening disorders. At Sound id·EARS, our clients come first. We value each client as if they were a member of our own families. We ensure that the services we provide are the best and most current available. All of our treatment procedures are based on scientific data with results and outcomes that have been documented in professional journals. We also maintain our own statistics on outcome measures of our patients to ensure continued excellence of care. All information, advice and recommendations are provided with the highest standards of integrity to ensure that each client is able to make fully informed decisions.

The qualifications of our professional staff places Sound id·EARS in a unique position of being able to offer a comprehensive yet gestalt approach to communication disorders associated with hearing and listening. A dual-qualification in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology allows for the integration of knowledge regarding the hearing and listening systems together with the spoken word. Communicative issues related to hearing loss and/or listening deficiencies can be diagnosed with accuracy and treatments implemented efficiently.

With the knowledge and experience gained from over 25 years of experience, we are able to provide the latest in technology and treatment techniques effectively and efficiently. International liaisons with leaders in our fields of specialization are continually maintained in order to collaborate with research efforts and to allow for consultations on the newest technological developments and techniques. We are also a research centre and regularly present and publish scientific papers in the field of audiology. At Sound id·EARS, we are keenly aware that each of our clients is unique with different personalities, families, social circles, interests, lifestyle preferences, communication needs and other demands.

Our aim is to provide audiological diagnostic excellence and appropriate, custom rehabilitation programs resulting in comprehensive and complete care for our clients.