DST evaluation

Prior to a DST evaluation, a complete audiological assessment will be administered. DST is also often accompanied by tinnitus and if this is the case, then a tinnitus assessment will also be completed.

DST requires careful questioning of behaviours and reactions to different sounds, sound patterns and sound sources to allow for differentiation between the types of DST. It is also possible for more than 1 type of DST to be present.

DST is measured by determining the Uncomfortable Loudness Level (UCL) for each ear at different frequencies. Low levels of tones are gradually increased in loudness until the individual indicates a level of discomfort. These levels are then recorded and the next sets of tones are presented. The individual is, at all times, in control of the loudness of the test tones and can stop them at any time.

As always, if a medical or potential malignant condition associated with DST is suspected, the individual will be referred to an otolaryngologist for further testing or treatment as necessary.