Hearing aids on a windy day? No problem!

In the past, a windy day meant a day without hearing aids for many people. But thanks to new Widex technology, wind doesn’t have to be a big issue for hearing aid users. It’s all thanks to the Widex Wind Noise Manager. Here’s what you need to know.

Reducing Wind Noise: How we do it

A survey once listed wind noise as the “second worst listening situation” for hearing aid users. This is because wind noise can create turbulence as it moves past the hearing aid’s microphone, making it more difficult to hear the sound that you want to hear.

To solve this problem, Widex created a weather cover over the microphone of behind-the-ear hearing aids.

With UNIQUE, Widex’ newest hearing aids, wind protection is taken to the next level.  It’s all thanks to the Wind Noise Manager. With this system in place, hearing aids can automatically detect wind noise – and react immediately.

What does this mean for hearing aid users?

The new Wind Noise Manager gives hearing aid users:

  • Improved speech understanding
  • The ability to keep hearing aids on when it is windy outside
  • Quick and automatic adaptation in all types of weather

So whether you’re caught out in a storm or simply enjoying the ocean’s breeze, the Widex Wind Noise Manager will allow you to keep hearing all the important sounds around you.

Listen to the Breeze

Ready to sail? Here’s one way the Wind Noise Manager can work for you:

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